8 Tips to Stay Fit This Summer

By Faith Barbare, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist at SimplyFit

Summer is undoubtedly the hardest time of the year to stick to your fitness goals. It seems like everyone is poolside with a cold beverage and a hamburger fresh off the grill, leaving you questioning whether abs are really worth the sacrifice. But why choose one over the other? You can stay on track and continue to have a social life this summer, but it’s all about balance. Apply these tips and tricks to stay fit this summer and shine all season long!

Tip # 1 – Keep Hydrated

This is not only important during your workout, but all day long. Not drinking enough liquids can cause your body to retain water and cause bloating.

Tip # 2 – Sleep

These first two tips seem like common sense, but with the longer days of summer, we tend to hit the bed later than usual. Get at least 8 hours of sleep to recharge for your workout and the long day ahead.

Stay Fit This Summer

Tip # 3 – Have a Plan

Having a schedule is extremely important to stay on track. If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail. If you know it’s a pool day, squeeze your workout in before you hit the water. After being at the pool all day, the probability of you exercising afterward are extremely slim. Try a HIIT style workout when crunched for time.

Tip # 4 – Make Healthy Selections

Moderation is key at cookouts and pool parties. When snacks are served, visit the fruit first so you reduce the likelihood of overindulging on unhealthy items. Serve yourself small portions and only eat until you’re full, not until everything is gone.


Tip # 5 – Create a Lifestyle

You already started putting in the time, so why turn back now? Fitness isn’t meant to be a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle, and it needs to continue after you reach your initial goal. If you want to maintain your results, keep setting goals for yourself. Set not only short term goals but long-term goals as well.

Tip # 6 – Recruit a Friend

Accountability is everything, and you are more likely to stick to a plan if you have a friend encouraging your progress. It’s easy to skip out on having the chocolate cake if you know your friend won’t be having it either, and during workouts, you can push each other to new limits.

Tip # 7 – Stop the Cycle

It’s easy to let that one bad meal turn into a bad day, which then turns into a bad weekend, then a bad week. Stop the cycle and get back to it. If you continue to say tomorrow will be better, you will never get back into your groove.

Stay Fit This Summer

Tip # 8 – Find Exercise Around You

With vacations and summer activities, it’s easy to skip a workout or two. That’s okay; find exercise around you. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take breaks at work to walk a few laps and get those feet moving. Instead of going to the movies, swim some laps in the pool or visit the trampoline park on the extra hot days.

The summer isn’t a time to abandon your hard work and let yourself go. This a critical time in your fitness journey and a true test. Being prepared will help you stay active and stay on track.

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