Fitness Motivation – 7 Tips To Keep Your Resolutions

By Faith Barbare, Owner and Certified Personal Trainer at SimplyFit

It all started on January 1st; you made great fitness resolutions and had every intention of sticking to them this year. It’s now February 1st, and your motivation is slipping. Don’t throw in the towel yet; there is still hope! Here are 7 tips to keep your fitness motivation and turn your goals into a lifestyle.

Tip # 1 – Involve a Friend

Accountability is a game changer when beginning a fitness routine. Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and supportive of your new lifestyle change. Have a friend who lives an unhealthy lifestyle? Encourage them to join you! Then, set appointments to meet for workouts. This will decrease your likelihood of skipping a workout. Sharing your success and struggles with someone will make a huge difference.

Fitness Motivation

Tip # 2 – Schedule

Just like a doctors appointment, be sure to schedule your workouts. Dedicating time on your
calendar will remind you of the importance of your workouts. This will prevent you from overbooking your day and making the excuse of not having time. Knowing how often you workout can also be a tool in deciding whether to increase your frequency in the future.

Tip # 3 – Progress Photos

Even when you don’t like where you’re starting, taking photos is key to seeing your progress. When your fitness motivation is dwindling, these photos serve as a reminder for how far we’ve come. The photos can also be a reminder of where we want to see ourselves next. Yes, they can be uncomfortable in the beginning, but they’ll bring confidence over time. These photos are your private photos, and you only have to share them if you truly want to.

Fitness Motivation

Tip # 4 – Set short and long term goals

It is important to set both short and long term goals. When you only set long term goals, you feel let down when you don’t see progress immediately. Start little, and be sure to have both. That way, you can celebrate both the short term goals and, ultimately, the long term goal. The short term goals act as motivators to keep pushing, especially when you’re lacking fitness motivation. Results are addicting. Once you start to see them, you want more.

Tip # 5 – Make it fun

Fitness should be fun! Be sure to incorporate the activities you love. If you enjoy a sport, add it in your weekly workouts. If cardio is your thing, sign up for a race and enjoy the scenery. Every day doesn’t have to be spent lifting or running around in a circle. Keep it interesting and switch things up often.

Tip # 6 – Reward yourself

Small rewards along the way can help your fitness motivation. Having trouble getting to the gym? Reward yourself with a trip to Starbucks after finishing your last workout for the week. If you’ve made it a month, maybe you deserve a new pair of shorts. Be careful when rewarding yourself with food. Remember: food is an essential component to everyday life and shouldn’t be thought of as a reward or punishment.

Tip # 7 – Remember your “why”

The biggest factor in sticking to your fitness resolutions is your “why”. Why did you make this resolution in the first place? Did the doctor give you news about your health? Can’t fit into your old pants? Want to show your kids how to be healthy? Whatever the reason is, it’s important to you. There are going to be days when you want to give up, but remember why you started. Remember who’s counting on you and looking up to you. Most of all, remember you are important and so is your health. To some degree, your health is in your hands. You already decided to make a change; now prove to yourself and everyone else that you have what it takes.

Fitness Motivation

Resolutions are a great way to get started, but remember, over time your resolution becomes one of two things: a failed resolution or a lifestyle change. Once you hit your goals, don’t stop there. Continue to strive for a fitness lifestyle that will provide benefits for years to come. Let this year be your year. The year you decide to dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

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